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Services Pricing

We have two types of service offerings available; shared and dedicated. Both run the same TruClean solution, however Shared is for small to medium businesses who do not have a large amount of mailboxes. Dedicated is for larger businesses who require their own dedicated solution to manage their mail.

Shared Plans

The shared plans are priced per mailbox so that you only pay for what you are using. The first 100 mailboxes are charged at R 14.99 per mailbox, mailbox 101 to 200 will be charged at R 14.50 per mailbox and so on. If you would like to add on more mailboxes in the future then you can do so using the upgrade functionality in your customer area.

Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Shared Clean 50
1 - 100
R 14.99 per mailbox
Shared Clean 100
101 - 200
R 14.50 per mailbox
Shared Clean 150
201 - 300
R 14.00 per mailbox
Shared Clean 250
R 13.50 per mailbox

Our shared plans are for small to medium businesses not looking for their own dedicated server to handle their mail. Shared hosting = shared resources however you are the only one who will be able to access your own mail interface. All of our servers are secured using encrypted SSL (Secured Socket Layered) certificates for your security and peace of mind.

Dedicated Plans

Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Dedicated Clean 500
R 750.00
R 4,000.00
Dedicated Clean 1000
R 1,000.00
R 7,000.00
Dedicated Clean 2000
R 1,500.00
R 12,000.00
Dedicated Clean 3000
R 2,000.00
R 20,000.00

The dedicated plans above are for companies who would like their own server which is dedicated to their business only. The server will run the same software as the shared plans above however all resources from the server will be dedicated to your TruClean software only. These plans are usually for large companies who utilise more than 250 mailboxes every day.

Note that the plans costs are not per mailbox. The costs are per dedicated server on a monthly basis.