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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is TruClean?

TruClean provides a complete protection suite to the email infrastructure of organizations. TruClean is an e-mail gateway that sits between your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and internal mail servers which filters your e-mail removing spam and viruses from it before it even arrives at your server. TruClean offers a comprehensive mail security suite: Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Relay, Hacker Proof, Backscatter prevention, DoS (Denial of Service) protection and Mail Encryption. All systems feature the most advanced Policy Management tool which makes TruClean the most advanced and robust system in the market.

How does it work?

TruClean acts as a mail relay or as a mail server. All incoming mail is scanned and checked for policy violations, viruses, worms, spam, trojan horses and malicious codes. TruClean will then filter this mail and relay the cleaned mail to your server(s).

To get started, register an account with us. Enter in your details and choose your plan. Once you have completed your payment, an email will be sent to you with instructions. Please follow this to activate your account. Once your current ISP has made the applicable changes, TruClean can start filtering and cleaning your email.

Why do I need a TruClean system?

TruClean offers your organization a complete solution for an affordable price. TruClean will lead to a decrease in the following costs:

  • Bandwidth and disk space - less incoming spam mail equals less bandwidth and disk usage
  • Man hours - cut out recovery and maintenance hours trying to delete spam mail and recover virus affected systems.

How much does it cost?

TruClean is available in two types of plans; shared and dedicated. Shared starts from R19.99 per mailbox per month. Dedicated starts at up to 500 email addresses. Click the services tab above to view more about our plans.

Do I need to set anything up?

Yes. Once you have purchased an account, an e-mail letter will be sent to you with contents of what you will need to send to your internet services provider (ISP) or who registered your domain for you. This will be an MX record change specifically. You will need to send this to your ISP and only once they have made this change will your TruClean account become active.

What size organization can benefit from using TruClean?

TruClean's line of plans offers solutions for all businesses. Whether you are a small company with up to 50 mail users, a SME, or an enterprise organization with thousands of users, we have a solution that fits you. The capability of load-balancing its own traffic, turns TruClean into a redundant and scalable solution that can support organizations with tens of thousands of users.

Can my system be upgraded?

Yes. Simply login to your customer zone, view your domain/plan and select the upgrade option. Form there you can upgrade to any plan you require.

Will TruClean slow down my system?

On the contrary - Installing TruClean will improve the overall performance. TruClean sits on our shared or dedicated server(s) (depending on your plan choice) and not on your infrastructure which means no installations of software is required. It sits in the cloud and is accessible via a web interface GUI which you can use to control your solution.

Email Privacy

Who has access to my email?

No-one except you and your administrator has access to your email.

How secure is TruClean?

TruClean servers are secured by multi layered firewalls and 128bit secured layered encryption.


How efficient is TruClean in blocking Spam?

TruClean identifies and blocks up to 99% of all incoming Spam.

How many Anti-Spam engines are available?

There are eleven different engines:
There are three main filtering layers

  1. IP based filtering
  2. Envelop
  3. Deep inspection
Each of the above layers include state of the art filtering techniques.

Does the system have false positives?

There are currently no systems that can guaranty 0% false positive spam protection. Tests and customers report a rate of less than 0.1%.

Can users manage their quarantine and black and white lists?

Yes. There are two ways in which users can manage their quarantine and black and white lists;

  1. Daily reports. The system can be configured that some or all the users will receive daily reports. The daily report summarizes the daily traffic and quarantine of the user. From within the report, the user can release quarantined mail and manage his black and white lists.
  2. GUI management. Upon entering the GUI, the user can manage his quarantine and his own Black and White lists. The GUI is secured and depends on the users username and password.

How can I retrieve legitimate mail that was quarantined from the TruClean?

All blocked mail is kept in the quarantine for as long as defined by the administrator. Administrators can review an email, download, release it or add the sender to the white or black list of the user or the organization.

Can I manage the Anti-Spam's sensitivity?

Yes. Like many solutions in the market, it is possible to toggle with the Anti-Spam's thresholds. Furthermore, it is possible to create different thresholds for different groups and users from within the organization. The higher the score, the less sensitive the system is and the chance for false positive is lower.

Too much legitimate mail is being quarantined. What do I do?

This situation may be caused by a low threshold score. Increasing the threshold score will decrease your false positives.

Virus Detection

What Anti-virus engines run on the TruClean?

TruClean features a multi-layered Anti-Virus protection system

  1. Strong Perimeter Level Security, filters up to 90% of virus infection threats at the perimeter level
  2. F-Secure Hydra – signature-based
  3. Kaspersky AVP - heuristic and signature based
  4. Zero-Hour™ outbreak detection
  5. Virus carrier blocking - strong anti-virus infection protection policy over email content (email attachments)
  6. HTML Malicious code detection (HTML Tags module)

How often does the Anti-virus check for new updates?

TruClean will check for new updates on the hour. If you have a dedicated plan, you can configure your unit to check for new updates every half an hour if needs be.

How does the system deal with new-born viruses?

TruClean features Commtouch Zero-Hour™ protection.
This unique engine uses Commtouch's RPD technology to identify and block Virus outbreaks within 2 minutes.