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TruClean Background

TruClean has been created out of the desire to make email communication safer and more efficient.

There are too many spammers (n. : Individuals who send out unsolicited email) out there who want to take advantage of us regular folk via phishing scams, viruses (that wreak havok with our computers when opened) and just the general spam email that never ends eventhough we don't know how the sender managed to get hold of our email addresses in the first place!

TruClean is a clever little system that will will monitor each incoming email and quarantine for up to 5 days if flagged as spam or virus, otherwise relay your filtered mail onto your mail servers. It's compatible with all mail servers and email clients (e.g. Outlook), can be implemented quickly and best of all it's cheap at only R 14.00 per month per mailbox.