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How it works

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Email Spooling

The TruClean system will monitor the status of your incoming email to detect if your email server is offline (be it your business or ISP email servers). If it is, TruClean will spool all of your incoming mail until your email servers are back online to receive the new emails. This redundancy is crucial to guarantee email delivery as well as to protect your business reputation.

Eliminate Spam/Viruses

Our system will monitor all incoming messages and scan them to determine if they contain any SPAM, viruses or malicious content. Our unique technology will then flag and block the messages so that you don't have to. We use top of the range anti-virus so that we always have the latest virus lists to keep your computer or company networks safe from any harmful content.

Flexible Plans

All of our plans are flexible so that all business types are catered for. There are different kinds of plans starting as shared for the individual and SME's to dedicated plans for larger businesses and corporates. Our prices also reflect this with mailboxes starting at R19.99 per mailbox.